Dynamow DS Hydrostatic Lawn Mower

dynamow ride on lawn mower front view

       This nippy little British mower has finally gained cult status.


Because it's unique - a British ride on mower designed for British lawns.  

And it's TINY - see the pictures below parked next to my "normal" size Countax mower and my car.

dynamow-and-countax-parked-side-by-side    dynamow next to countax mower    dynamow by car picture

Perfect for smaller gardens around flower beds and trees and it leaves beautiful stripes with its tandem rear rollers. It's tiny and at just 29" wide can get through almost any gate. This means you can use a ride on mower in just about any British garden.

There's nothing like it available on the market today. It has front roller drive and will turn in it's own length as the steering goes through a full 200 degrees left to right. It's like driving a dodgem!

 dynamow front roller left picture    dynamow front roller right picture

 The mower is hydraulically powered which means no clutch, gears, transmission, or pulleys to maintain and no tyres to puncture. So servicing costs are negligible.

Speed is infinitely variable between 0 to 4-5mph and it's relaxing to drive.  No jerks or jolts and you cut the lawn without the engine screaming.  It performs beautifully at just above tick over.  This is probably why the 5.5hp Honda engine is so frugal. You'll be amazed how long a tank of petrol lasts.

dynamow engine view right    dynamow engine view left

It's so easy to drive.  Just turn the key to start the engine, select forwards and accelerate.  To cut the grass depress your left foot and you are mowing. No clunks, jerks and grating noises - just quiet controlled power.

The rear rollers leave perfect 25" wide stripes on your lawn.  There are even two arrows on the front to help you align the stripes. As you finish cutting one stripe just do an about-turn and cut the next one parallel to the last.  No other ride on mower can do that. 

And there's no problem reversing.  Dynamow cuts just as well backwards as forwards. No need to stop the blade like most other mowers. And really short lawns are possible as the cutting height is infinitely adjustable from 0.5" to 2.0".  So it cuts closer than any other ride on.  If you want to mulch you can use it without the grass collector bag - just let the cuttings emerge from the back. 

dynamow rear view without grass box   dynamow three quarter rear view with grass box

Since buying mine I've given it a thorough service and repaired the damaged fairings which are a bit vulnerable if you are not careful.  The front drive has also been overhauled to cure a fault with the steering and the rear roller assembly has been overhauled. Spare parts are readily available from specialists, forget mower dealers, and prices are reasonable. For hydraulic bits go to a hydraulic specialist, honda bits the local dealer etc etc..

Click here to read about maintenance tips and spares sources

The cutting deck is a massively strong aluminium casting just like the best professional mowers and should last for decades.  It will certainly never rust like new mowers with their thin steel decks. The blade is patented and quieter than other ride on mowers. 

So there you have it - a superb ride on mower like no other.

dynamow ride on mower rear three quarter view  dynamow ride on mower left view

Now for the fun bit.

When you invite friends round for a barbecue leave your Dynamow on the lawn . They'll be crawling over it in seconds and begging for a go.  Kids love it's compact size, men can't believe it's manouevrability and girls think it's cute.  You'll have to drag them off. 

Then they'll ask where they can buy one.  The answer is "don't know".

Dynamows are are now highly sought after.  They were very expensive and exclusive when new and weren't made in large numbers. Nicknamed the "Chelsea Mower" nothing as quiet and manouverable is available new today which keeps their values up. 

It's a fact that used Dynamows command serious money.  Recently (2005) on Ebay, basket cases (even one with a seized engine) sold for 150-200 and well worn but running examples changed hands for 400ish. Good ones sold for 500 to 600.  Excellent examples are now very rare and nudging 900. And that's still good value against the current crop of new 1000 small ride on mowers which cost a fortune to maintain, regularly wear out in 5 to 7 years, and don't leave stripes.

  dynamow that sold for 175   dynamow that sold for 200 spares or repair

dynamow that sold for 410 in need of work   dynamow that sold for 550 in working order with cosmetic damage

On 30th April 2006 the first Dynamow broke the 1000 barrier on ebay and sold for 1074.99.

dynamow-393.jpg (103647 bytes)

So Dynamow is a classic mower investment which seems likely to increase in value while it cuts your lawn perfectly.

What have you got to lose?

I reckon

Dynamow rocks!!

dynamow ride on lawn mower rear view

and before you ask

Sorry mine's not for sale!!

( 21/06/07- well it is now - click here for details )

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