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vending machine trolley

The pictures show how one man can safely "break back" a heavy vending machine on the versatile Mighty Mule trolley and handle the load easily.  At all times the load can sit on 4 wheels completely in balance and does not require excessive strength or skill to manouevre.


mighty mule vending machine truck
The unique Mighty Mule truck is purpose designed and massively constructed to safely handle tall bulky loads like cabinets, racks and vending machines.  There are 2 sets of wheels, a smaller set immediately behind the toe plate, and the large set shown above which are fixed to a moving axle to aid loading.


Here the axle and main load wheels are raised and the smaller wheels can now be seen.  These are fitted with a positively applied brake to stop the load following you as you pull on the handles to break it back.  A powerful handle is used to tighten a strap and bracket over the top of the load to firmly secure it.


breaking back the load
The ergonomic handles and raised axle give the operator maximum mechanical advantage when breaking back the load.  He can confidently use his whole body weight without fear of the trolley and load toppling onto him.


vending machine trolley loaded
See how the load is balanced and safely in the control of the operator. John weighs 59kg and easily moved this 420kg load on his own.  Perhaps that's why he looks so chuffed!
vending machine truck balanced

Does your vending machine truck balance this safely ?

Why struggle with overloaded and unwieldy sack trucks ?

This professional truck will pay for itself in weeks through less damage and happier staff.


USED Mighty Mule 600kg vending machine truck:-  399!



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