Pure Nostalgia!

Our former chairman, Keith Edkins, sits aboard his pride and joy a

1951 Coventry Climax model TSM Forklift

(Nice tie Keith!)

Back in 1980 he discovered this extremely rare little forklift being loaded into a skip for scrap and couldn't bear to see it crushed.

Over the next couple of years Keith restored it to perfect working order.  It has since been the star of many trade shows and exhibitions.


Capable of lifting 1500lbs, the TSM is powered by an 847cc side valve petrol engine developing a whopping 12 b.h.p.  The marginal brakes are borrowed from a 1950's Austin A30 and their stopping power is described as "like coasting into a head wind".

Nonetheless, hundreds were built and served post-war British industry valiantly until loads got progressively heavier and the TSM was eventually superceded by larger capacity forklifts.

The slightly larger Coventry Climax TMD forklift was capable of lifting 2000lbs - 33% more - and shared similar dimensions.  It also benefitted from a superbly smooth twin cylinder Climax diesel engine which was remarkably frugal on fuel.  Click here to see the original sales brochure.

PS.  Interestingly, when compared with a similar picture taken in 1981, Keith's waistline now appears to be much closer to the steering wheel.  Were cameras kinder in the 80's?


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