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Forklift Mounted Access Platforms

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Forklift Mounted Access Platforms

Forklift Access Platforms (AKA Man Cages and Non-Integrated Working Platforms), are for the intended purpose of being able to lift people to work at height in exceptional circumstances only, for example to do unplanned maintenance like changing a lightbulb in a warehouse.  They provide a safe environment for a wide range of maintenance and inspections to be carried out from, with the reassurance that they have been manufactured in accordance with HSE document PM28 4th Edition.

It is important to note that Forklift Access Platforms or “Man Cages” are only one of various methods that can be used for Working at Height; other such methods include Scaffolding and ladders, etc. Therefore it is important for organisations to select the most appropriate equipment for working at height; this decision is typically based upon: the work application, frequency and duration of use etc. When using a forklift attachment is it also important to ensure that you use the right type for your forklift. So we always recommend that organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted prior to the use of any equipment used for Working at Height.

Forklift Mounted Access Platforms

Forklift Mounted Access Platforms

We have a wide variety of Forklift Mounted Access Platforms available to you, whether it’s our..

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