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      • General Range Pallet Trucks

        General Range of Pallet Trucks

      • High Lift Pallet Trucks

        High Lifting Pallet Trucks

      • Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

        Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

      • Forklift Access Platforms

        Forklift Man Cages

      • Mobile / Manual Stackers

        Manual Stackers

      • Jibs and attachments

        Forklift Jibs & Attachments

      • Forklift Forks / Fork Extensions

        Forklift Forks & Extensions

      • Forklift Sweepers and brooms

        Forklift Brushes


ERGO2500 Pallet Truck


European Range Pallet Trucks


High Lift Pallet Truck

The FULL Range – See the complete range of Hand Pallet Trucks HERE!
ERGO 2500 Pallet Trucksin stock now
ECO Pallet Trucks – high quality and value for money!
European Pallet Trucks – High quality Pallet Trucks made in Italy!

POWER START Pallet Trucks – Easy to start – less effort – saves money

Compact Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks – Great price, great value!
Pallet Truck Scales – Weigh up to 2000kg accurately and conveniently!  Our best selling Pallet Truck with Scales!
Pallet Truck Weigh Scales – The complete range!
Pallet Mover Pallet Truck – Superb quality and value 2500kg capacity
High Lift Pallet Truck – Bargains!! – Hurry not many left at this price – unrepeatable!!!!
Semi Electric/Electric Pallet Trucks – Best value for money in UK
Stainless Steel – For clean rooms, pharmaceutical, medical and food industries
Powered Pallet Trucks Heavy Duty – Full electric traction and lift and built for industrial use
Rough Terrain Pallet Truck for nurseries, garden centres, building sites etc
Low Profile Pallet Trucks – 52MM, 2000KG capacity!
Printers Small Pallet Trucks – Suitable for the small pallets used in the print industry
Full Electric Pallet Trucks – The world’s smallest fully featured electric pallet truck!
4 Way Pallet Trucks – Ideal for long loads in tight area
Hand Pallet Truck Instructions – Make sure your operators know this!
Pallet Trucks for Special Applications – A variety of Pallet Trucks for your special applications, whether it’s for handling Paper Reels or Cabinets!
ergo 500kg mobile scissor lift table

Mobile Scissor Lift Table

Scissor Lift Tables – Mobile Tables, variety of sizes!
The Very Heavy Duty Mobile Table – With a 1500KG capacity she could be yours for just £777!
Static Scissor Lift Tables – Various capacities and lift heights!
Lift Tables – Low Profile – with lowered heights of just 230mm
Self Levelling Pallet Movers – Reduces back strain in production areas!
Spartan Mobile Scissor Lift Tables – Quality and great value
Rough Terrain Mobile Scissor Lift Table – Standard table but ideal for use on rough terrain
Mobile Scissor Lift Table with Large Platform – Scissor Lift Table but with a massive platform of 1600MM x 800MM!

Manual Stacker ERGOMT1016

Manual Stacker – 1000KG Capacity – Fantastic Value!!
Narrow & Straddle Manual Stackers – 150kg to 1000kg Manual and Semi Electric
Which Stacker? – Confused by different stacker designs? Here’s help!!
Wide Straddle Stacker – Used to straddle your pallet before lifting
Electric Rough Terrain Stacker – Used by the Ministry of Defence!  Big, bulky & perfect for use in rough terrain
Semi-Electric Stacker – Like the manual range of Stackers but Semi-Electric, manual push/pull, electric lift
Aluminium Folding Trolley

PH153 Aluminium Folding Trolley

General Purpose Trolley Range – Our range of Multi-Purpose Trolleys for the UK!
Mobile Order Picking Trolleys & Trucks – Our range of Mobile Order Trolleys & Trucks!
Furniture Moving Trolleys – The affordable answer at a bargain price!
Cabinet Moving Dolly – Moves full filing cabinets, stationery cupboards etc with ease
Clever Folding Trolley – Folds all the way down for easy transportation!
Screen Trolleys – New to the range, these TV Trolleys are ideal for use in Schools & Universities!

Sack Trucks

Sack Trucks – The UK’s best value range!
Stair Climbing Trucks – Powered units up to 330KG capacity!
Puncture Proof Options – Mobile on REACH compliant puncture proof pneumatic wheels.
Beer Keg Sack Truck – Calling all Breweries, the Beer Keg Sack Truck is am must!
RuXXac – The German LEGEND – Small, lightweight and available in a variety of sizes!


Forklift Mounted Access Platform

Forklift Mounted Access Platform

Mobile Steps and Order Picking Trolleys – Big Range – Excellent value
Access Platform  – Forklift mounted to carry 2 men or 250kg!
Folding Access Platform – Tackle maintenance work in safety with this unique Folding access Platform!
Security Cages – Keep your valuable tools & equipment safe!



Forklift Hook


Industrial Skates


Special Offers – Bargain corner!!!
Yard Sweeper Brushes and Brooms – Forklift mounted
Jibs – Adjustable & Fork Mounted
Forklift Carpet Booms – In stock, great price
Snow Ploughs – Industrial Forklift Mounted
Grit Spreader – Mobile Salt Spreader/Gritter
Salt Spreader – For those winter issues!
Farm Machinery Attachments – Bale spikes, cages, forks, brushes
Forklift Drum Bunding – Spill pallets, stillages for all your drum needs
Drum Handling Equipment – Drum handlers, stands, caddies, porters, positioners & stackers!
Access Platforms  – Forklift mounted to carry 2 men or 250kg
Access Platform Folding – Safe access with reduced storage space
Access Platform High Floor – Raised floor by 1000mm
Access Platform £341 – British quality built from just £341
Mobile Cranes – 1000kg capacity, industrial quality
Mobile Cranes – 500kg and 1000kg capacity
Skates – For transporting goods between 2 & 24 tonnes!
Forklift Ramps – Quick and easy loading and unloading of Forklifts from your lorry!
Security Cages  – Safety storage for your gas bottles and other valuable items.
Mobile Skips and Self Dumping Hoppers – British manufactured – the clean and easy answer to waste control in factories and warehouses
Forklift Wheelie Bin Lifter – Made in Great Britain, for lifting, moving & emptying 90 – 240 litre wheelie bins safely
Everything Stainless Steel – As it says really!
ARMORGARD – Distributor for ARMORGARD security products!
Sister Sites – Keep an eye out for items on our sister sites PalletTruckCo & LittableUK!

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