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Mobile Scissor Lift Table

More than a static height adjustable table and more than a trolley, the Mobile Scissor Lift Table combines the best elements of both.
The Mobile Scissor Lift Table enables operators to moves goods around with the ease of a manual trolley and then once at the desired location raise the goods like a height adjustable table to the right height for transferring them to another surface or for the goods to be worked on, as the Mobile Scissor Lift Table is often used a mobile working platform.

The flexibility that this multi-purpose element of the Mobile Scissor Lift Table results in exceptional value for money as it eliminates the need to purchase two separate items of manual handling equipment to do the travelling and lifting elements of transporting your goods. Cost savings are also made through the greater efficiency that the multi-purpose Mobile Scissor Lift Table offers. As time and physical effort is saved due to goods not needing to be transferred from a trolley to a Static Height adjustable table, or lifted to another working surface by hand.
Therefore with the reduction in manual lifting through the use of a Mobile Scissor Lift Table, the potential for staff sickness due to back issues caused by manual lifting is also reduced.

Here at Liftruck we offer a wide range of Mobile Scissor Lift Tables (, and even a variety of “add on” Table top attachments such as the: Straight Roller Track Attachment; Turntable Roller Track Attachment; and Ball Transfer Top Attachment. These attachments assist in the transferring of goods from the Table top of the Mobile Scissor Lift Table to another surface.

Examples of Tables that these Table top attachments are compatible with can be seen via the links below:

Mobile Scissor lift Tables themselves can be classed into three categories: Manual Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift Tables, such as our ERGOLT15, which feature a Hydraulic pump for lifting, that is operated via foot pump for lifting, and lowered via a release on the handle. The main benefit of Mobile Lift Tables that feature a Hydraulic pump is that they can be lifted and lowered relatively quickly and easily.

ERGOLT15 Mobile Scissor Lift Table:
For those looking to further increase the efficiency of goods transfer whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of physical effort required, we also offer Electric Mobile Scissor Lift Tables, such as our LTESL50D and LTESL80D, where the Hydraulic pump is electrically controlled to lift and lower goods, these tend to come with Double Scissor Legs which give higher lift heights, as it is over these greater lift heights where the electric lift and lowering function has its greatest time and effort benefit.

Our LTESL50D and LTESL80D Electric Double Scissor Lift Tables can be seen via the link below:

The other main category of Mobile Scissor Lift Tables is the manually operated scissor lifts that feature a central screw that is turned via a “crank/winch style” handle that is turned to lift and lower the table top. This types of table, is often sought after by those who wish to lift and lower goods in a slower and more controlled way, with greater height precision. Thus they are very popular for use in engineering based applications. Examples of this type of Manual Mobile Scissor Lift Table are the ERGOLT300MAN, and ERGOLT300WIN:



As well as the above we also offer Static Scissor lift tables which tend to be electrically operated, and can be seen via the links below:

Ultimately, as with all Manual Handling Equipment solutions it is a matter of “horses for courses”, but whatever your organisation’s application has got the solution.