Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

all models feature ...

  • Heavy duty steel construction 

  • Four casters (two fixed, two swivel)

  • Automatic overload relief valve

  • Top of stroke by-pass valve

  • Foot brake on two wheels

  • Maintenance lock bars

  • Polyurethane tyred wheels

  • Wheel foot protectors

  • Foot pump raise - hand lower

  • Electric model uses push buttons

  • EN1757-3 conforming

  • CE certified

"scissor lift table"



Light duty mobile lift table

A really convenient scissor table which will carry a hefty 150kg payload yet weighs only 41kg so it's very light and easy to use. Perfect for the stationery room, for unloading vans, estate cars and trucks, and extending machine work surfaces etc.

Model BS15
Capacity kg 150
Lowered height mm 255
Raised height mm 760
Table size mm 700 x 450
Handle height mm 1000
Pump strokes max 22
Weight kg 41

Model BS15  278




scissor tables

lift table

Medium weight mobile lift tables

These are a pair of real workhorse scissor tables suitable for hard use in production areas which require their greater 250kg or 500kg capacity. Popular for repair shops and order collation and internal movement in factories.

Model BS25 BS50
Capacity kg 250 500
Lowered height mm 315 430
Raised height mm 910 1000
Table size mm 830 x 500 1010 x 560
Handle height mm 1100 1130
Pump strokes max 30 65
Weight kg 78 84

Model BS25  350  

Model BS50  519


high lift tables

Mobile double lift table

A high lifting scissor table with a hefty 300kg capacity at 1585mm high. Perfect for repair shops and anywhere the maximum lift height of single scissor tables is just not enough. 

Model BS30D
Capacity kg 300
Lowered height mm 435
Raised height mm 1585
Table size mm 1010 x 520 
Handle height mm 1130
Pump strokes max 65
Weight kg 150

Model BS30D  555


electric scissor lift table

Electric high lift mobile lift table

A battery electric powered version of the model above.  This beautifully engineered table takes all the effort out of pumping where repeated lifting is required such as in production areas or conveyor loading etc. It also helps if you are downright lazy like me. The price includes a top quality European electro/hydraulic pack and 70 a/hr battery complete with integral charger and mains cable.

Model ES30D
Capacity kg 150
Lowered height mm 495
Raised height mm 1600
Table size mm 1010 x 520
Handle height mm 1185
Lifts per charge 45
Lift speed 15 secs
Lower speed 15 secs
Weight kg 183

Model ES30D  1295




heavy duty mobile lift tables

Heavy Weight Mobile Lift Table

A full 750kg capacity up to 1000mm high - this rugged table is the answer to your heavyweight loads.  Used by heavy plant workshops, stores and production areas this table offers unbeatable value for money.

Model BS75
Capacity kg 750
Lowered height mm 435
Raised height mm 1000
Table size mm 1010 x 520
Handle height mm 1130
Pump strokes max 75
Weight kg 120

Model BS75  549


1000kg lift table

Ultra Heavy Weight Mobile Lift Table

A full 1000kg capacity up to 950mm high - this table is the tough brute of the range.  We don't know of a less expensive way to safely lift a tonne to 950mm.  This scissor lift table will take all the hard work you can throw at it.  No other model we offer has so much lifting capacity per pound invested.  

Model BS100
Capacity kg 1000
Lowered height mm 445
Raised height mm 950
Table size mm 1010 x 520
Handle height mm 1130
Pump strokes max 80
Weight kg 120

Model BS100  599


lift and tilt table


Lift and Tilt scissor lift table

This table is ingenious. It is specially designed to allow an operator to feed and unload parts quickly and easily without lifting, bending, stretching, or reaching.  How may production jobs would this make easier?  At this price you can't afford to ignore it.

Model ES40
Capacity kg 400
Lowered height mm 300
Raised height mm 500-900/1560
Table size mm 830 x 520
Handle height mm 1130
Pump strokes max 50
Weight kg 123

Model BL40  563

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This is just a small selection of the Scissor Tables we can offer.  

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