Stair Robot

SR 450


Stair Robot


Stair Robot SR 450 is a battery-powered stair-climbing device styled for the full-time professional or distribution operator. Easy to use, it is designed to handle a wide variety of loads up to 350 Kg.

Twin rubber tracks spread the load comfortably over three treads of a stairway as the SR 450 moves up or down stairs.

Driving power is provided by a minimal noise 24V permanent magnet motor and is transmitted directly to the drive-axle by a built on worm-gearbox. The PM-motor creates an effective break when the control switch is released or the power supply is interrupted for any reason.

4 batteries are fitted in series to provide a 24 volt output. An integrated led battery indicator on the control display makes it possible to monitor the batteries. Items up to 1880 mm can be handled by use of the extendable handles.

With a maximum payload of 350 kgs the SR 450 can carry a variety of heavy, large loads. With its folding swivel wheel for easy turning it is ideal for working in confined spaces. The SR 450's extendable arm allows loads up to 1880mm to be carried.


The Stair Robot SR 450 is used for transporting:   

  • Domestic white goods, gas and electrical appliances

  • Office equipment, filling cabinets, computers, copiers and storage systems

  • Industrial appliances and equipment, gas bottles, safes and engines

  • Vending and amusements machines

  • Electrical switch gear and telecommunications equipment


Description Value Units
Maximum handling capacity 350 350
Maximum angel 45 45
Weight 65 65
Length 1450 1650
Width 460 460
Height 220 220
Loading Length Standard 1220 1500
Loading Length Extended 1880 >>2000
DC Motor 300 300
Battery Powered yes yes
External Power Pack yes yes
Remote Controller no yes
Lifting scoop plate yes yes


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