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Warehouse Racking

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Warehouse Racking for Forklifts is a service provided by us here at Liftruck UK enabling us to act as a true one-stop-shop for all materials handling requirements.  Over the years many of our customers have used our warehouse racking for forklift services so that they have just “one finger to point at” leaving us, the experts to manage transitions which need to take place in a warehosue.

Warehouse Racking for Forklifts

A case example is Hainenko Ltd.  Hainenko are one of the UK’s largest stationary suppliers in the UK who found themselves in a position where their existing warehouse did not provide enough pallet positions for their growing stock.  Liftruck UK strategically planned and managed a project to increase pallet capacity within the warehouse.  We did this through a staged process of decreasing the aisle widths so to provide a further two runs of double-racking.  The original warehouse racking for forklifts was set out to cope with conventional reach forklift trucks which can work in an aisle width of circa 2700mm.  Our parent company Acclaim Handling proposed and supplied new articulated machinery to work in reduced aisle widths of 2000mm which still gives plenty of room for manouvreability.  The warehouse racking capacity has increased by 40% and as a result it has enabled Hainenko to plan for future growth and provide more flexibility to their own customers.

We managed this project from start to finish.  The project was managed so that Hainenko could continue their normal operations with minimal disruption to their normal working activities.  This aspect was critical to Hainenko since they have ongoing customer orders which they have to satisfy in a timely manner.  If you have any Warehouse racking for forklift requirements we are more than happy to provide free advice to you.  Please call us on 01708 861 414 or by email by clicking here.  If you want to look at this a bit more, please click here.