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  • Forklift Mounted Folding Back Guard Access Platform

    Forklift Mounted Folding Back Guard Access Platform

  • Forklift Man Cage

    Forklift Man Cage

  • Folding Access Platform

    Folding Access Platform

  • Gated Forklift Access Platform

    Gated Forklift Access Platform

  • Folding Back Guard & Gated Access Platform

    Folding Back Guard & Gated Access Platform

  • Large Forklift Access Platform

    Large Forklift Access Platform

  • Raised Forklift Mounted Access Platform

    Raised Forklift Mounted Access Platform

  • Standard Gated Man Cage

    Standard Gated Man Cage

  • Crane Mounted Access Platform

    Crane Mounted Access Platform

  • Fork Mounted Load Lifter

    Fork Mounted Transport Lifter

  • Heavy Duty Forklift Mounted Access Platform

    Hard Wearing Access Platform

  • British Forklift Man Cages

    UK Manufactured Forklift Access Platform



All of our Forklift Access Platforms are Manufactured in the UK and conform to the HSE PM28 Guidance


Click here to see HSE Guidance Note PM28 relating to forklift mounted access platforms

What is a Forklift Access Platform?

Forklift Access Platforms (also known as: Man Cages and Non-Integrated Working Platforms), are for the intended purpose of being able to lift people to work at height in exceptional circumstances only, for example to do unplanned maintenance like changing a lightbulb in a warehouse.

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) define a Non-Integrated Working Platform as follows:

“‘Non-integrated working platforms’ are attachments for use in conjunction with forklift trucks to elevate people so they can work at height, but they have no controls in the platform that allow someone in the platform to control the platform lift height or move the truck; ie all truck and working platform movements are controlled by the truck operator.”

Fork Lift Access Platforms are commonly referred to by suppliers and users of such equipment as Forklift Man Cages or simply just Man Cages, and are a type of Forklift Attachment that are secured to the forklift via a combination of fork channels (these help reduce lateral movement) and by heel pins (these help prevent the Fork Lift Access Platform from sliding off the Forklift).

It is important to note that Forklift Access Platforms or “Man Cages” are only one of various methods that can be used for Working at Height; other such methods include Scaffolding and ladders, etc. Therefore it is important for organisations to select the most appropriate equipment for working at height; this decision is typically based upon: the work application, frequency and duration of use etc. When using a forklift attachment is it also important to ensure that you use the right type for your forklift. So we always recommend that organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted prior to the use of any equipment used for Working at Height.

Benefits of using a Forklift Access Platform / Man Cage:

Forklift Access Platforms (Man Cages) provide a relatively inexpensive means of enabling people to work at Height for those unforeseen maintenance issues.

A Forklift Access Platform / Man Cage can be safely and quickly secured to a forklift’s forks.

As a relatively simple piece of equipment a Man Cage / Forklift Access Platform can be easy to use and maintain, as they have no electric or hydraulic parts.

Fork Lift Access Platforms / Man Cages that comply to the HSE’s PM28 Guidance (as all of those that we supply at Liftruck UK do) provide added safety when properly used.

All of the above shows that it is well worth investing the small amount of money for one of our Forklift Access Platforms / Man Cages as not having one could result in staff becoming injured as a result of taking excessive risks to solve troublesome unforeseen maintenance issues that impede staff from getting on with their work.

At Liftruck UK we Supply a variety of Forklift Access Platform / Man Cage Models (all of which are manufactured in the UK and Conform to the HSE PM28 Guidance). The main differences between the models that we offer tend to involve one or more of the following: Method of entry/exit; size of base; and ease of storage. Forklift Access Platforms / Man Cages with these features can be seen via this page. Note that unless otherwise stated all of our items on this page are 2 Man Forklift Access Platforms / Man Cages. However they can of course be used with just one person in them, hence reducing the need for both a 2 man and 1 man forklift Access Platform / Man Cage.

Therefore the relatively small investment of purchasing a Forklift Access Platform / Man Cage can help prevent tragic and costly accidents; help keep working environments suitably maintained and thus help keep you organisation operating efficiently.

Harness Kits & Forklift Access Platforms / Man Cages

We are often asked by customer who order our Forklift Mounted Access Platforms, if they also need to order a Harness kit, if they don’t already have one, and whilst we are not Health and Safety experts, we can refer customers to the HSE’s PM28 Guidance (4th edition).

“If people have to lean out of the platform to carry out work at height then they should wear harness and lanyards that are linked to the platform’s harness anchorage points to prevent them from overbalancing and falling over the rails.”
Furthermore, we advise customers to use a Harness and Lanyard, as the relatively low cost of the Harness kit is considerable lower than the potential costs both financial, and to reputation, should an accident happen. Besides which, if you are in a position where you are asking your Staff to work at Height, surely you would want them to be save and value them more than the cost of a Harness Kit, which tend to cost less than £100 plus VAT.

Many of our customers order a Harness and Lanyard Kit at the point of order, but some other may already have their own. Either way Harness Kits like all equipment need to be suitable maintained, and when they are warn and no longer usable, need to be replaced.

Safety Harness Kit

Safety Harness Kit










As you can see our Range of Forklift Access Platforms is quite extensive, to cater for a variety of applications, and we have also considered that for some applications the use or availability of a Forklift on which the Access Platform is attached to, is not suitable, but the requirement for someone to work safely at height is still there. In these situations, customers may wish to consider another solution – the Powered Access Platforms.

Powered Access Platforms

Powered Access Platform

Powered Access Platform

Powered Access Platform

Powered Access Platform


These Powered Access Platforms can enable safe working at Lower Height levels, in space either too small for a Forklift to operate and/or in environments not suitable for forklifts to go.

Forklift Access Platforms or Powered Access Platforms -If you would like to discuss these various Working at Height solutions, give us a call on:

FREEPHONE: 0800 458 8025

NOTE: ***We always recommend that our customers have a Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted prior to the use of any Handling Equipment and Forklift Attachments, especially Forklift Mounted Access Platforms.***

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