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Keep on Pallet Trucking!

Keep on Pallet Trucking!


Keep on Pallet Trucking!

Get excellent Value for Money by getting as much use as you could need out of your Powered Pallet Truck.

Our high quality T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck offers this, through its quick charging time and the option to purchase spare quick-change batteries at low cost. This takes away the down time associated with battery charging as you can always have a battery charged before the one in the Powered Pallet Truck runs out.

So how quick, can a quick charge battery, charge?

Answer: The batteries of the T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck can charge in just 2.5 hours, and each charged battery can last up to 3 hours, making it possible to use the T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck, 24/7. Furthermore changing the batteries over can be done quicker, than changing the batteries in a TV remote, and is just as easy to do.

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This ability to keep your pallet truck in a ready state; is vital for applications where you have shifts throughout the day, and applications where not having a charged Powered Pallet Truck can cause costly delays.

The tight turning radius (just 1350mm), compact size, yet 1200kg capacity of the T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck make it the ideal companion for Lorries and other areas where space is limited.

If getting outstanding value for money on you Powered Pallet Truck purchase is your goal then give us a call on Freephone: 03333 207208, or simply place your order securely online, via the above link.


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