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How to work out Slope Gradients for Powered Pallet Trucks

How to work out Slope Gradients for Powered Pallet Trucks


When selecting a Powered Pallet Truck it is important to consider the environment and terrain that, it will be required to operate in. A point of key consideration is any gradients that the Powered Pallet Truck will have to handle.

Fortunately, for those of us, for whom Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem is a long distant School memory, there is a very easy way to work out the Gradient that you have on your site, which the powered equipment is required to handle. See the method and example below:

Slope percentage is calculated in much the same way as the gradient. Convert the rise and run to the same units and then divide the rise by the run. Multiply this number by 100 and you have the percentage slope. For instance, 3"" rise divided by 36"" run = .083 x 100 = an 8.3% slope.

So now you know the Percentage of the slope that you need a powered pallet truck to traverse, now you need to select a Powered Pallet Truck that can handle your slope.

To do this you simple need to take a look at the specifications of Powered Pallet Trucks that are of interest. Do note that Powered Pallet trucks with motors powerful enough to handle steeper slopes tend to be more expensive, so if you do have a steep slope, you have to be realistic and select the appropriate item that is capable of doing the job required.

The part of the specification sheet that you would find the Gradient of slope that the Powered Pallet Truck can handle is generally found under the “Performance” Section. See example below of our FULL ELECTRIC 2000KG PALLET TRUCK WITH AIR SUSPENSION - T20-20ET.

Note that on this Spec sheet the term used for the Gradient Percentage relevant to the Powered Pallet Truck is “Max gradeability” and that there are two Percentage figures for this the “Max gradeability laden” (the slope that the Powered Pallet Truck can handle with a load within its Capacity) and “Max gradeability unladen” (the slope that the Powered Pallet Truck can handle without carrying a load).

 If you are looking for a Powered Pallet truck that can handle more of a gradient that most of its rivals then it is recommended that that you consider our FULL ELECTRIC 2000KG PALLET TRUCK WITH AIR SUSPENSION - T20-20ET, see the link below for more details:


As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.


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