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The Steprider 500kg stair climbing truck will handle loads up and down stairs.  Loads like vending machines, gaming machines, telecom cabinets, computer main frames, safes,  in fact anything that won't fit in a lift.

In locations where there is no lift, or in situations where the manual lifting of goods via staircases is difficult or risky, the Step Rider Powered Stair climber can offer a solution. The Step Rider will lay itself down on the stairs and upright itself under power. And, itís polyurethane treads will not damage stairs.

When the "Quad Pods", a set of 4 wheel-arms, are extended downward from the main frame, the Step Rider functions as a hand truck and rolls on 4 wheels, carrying the load with no weight on the operator. It will turn tight landings, even with the bulkiest vending machines, and if the landings are "too small", we have the answer to that too. We call them the "Expanda" Landings.


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  • Carry loads up to 500kg on the level
  • Transport 500kg loads up stairs
  • Battery electric or mains powered
  • Non marking polyurethane tracks
  • Optional caster dolly for horizontal movement
  • Quad Pod wheel attachment
  • Compact size
  • CE Marked
  • 12 months guarantee

step rider with vending machine on steps

expanding landing for use with stair climber trucks

Expanda Landings provide extra space for manouevring bulky loads in tight areas like small landings or dog leg stairs.  Two types are available - wide or long to suit most staircases.  Both types have four adjustable legs to perfectly match the height of step and ensure the landing is level for safe handling.

narrow expanding landing for use with stair climber trucks



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stair climbing hand trucks

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