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When using a forklift mounted snow plough, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind in order to ensure safe and effective operation.

  1. Safety: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and Local regulations when using the plow. Workers should be properly trained in the use of the plow and wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
  2. Choose the right plough for the job. There are a variety of forklift mounted snow ploughs available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider the type of snow you need to clear, the size of the area to be cleared, and the weight of the snow.
  3. Inspect the plough before each use. Check for any damage to the blade, mounting hardware, or other components. Make sure that all fasteners are tight and that the plough is properly aligned on the forklift.
  4. Operate the plough at a safe speed. Do not exceed the speed recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid sudden starts and stops.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, other vehicles, and obstacles.
  6. Do not overload the plough. Exceeding the weight capacity of the plough can damage it and make it unsafe to operate.
  7. Clear snow away from the edge of the road or pavement. This will help to prevent snow from building up and blocking visibility.
  8. Be careful when ploughing near power lines or other overhead hazards.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • Do not shock load the attachment under any circumstances. This can damage the plough and/or the forklift.
  • Ensure that the area to be cleared is free of speed humps and/or raised kerbs etc so as to prevent damage to the Snow Plough Blade.
  • Always Plough inline with the gradient of the road surface. This will help to prevent the forklift from tipping over.

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