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Supporting English Businesses on St George’s Day

Supporting English Businesses on St George’s Day

Keeping It British on St George’s Day

As we all know St George’s Day is coming up and as a “tip of the hat” to our patron saint we would like to give all of our UK customers a 5% discount on our entire range and would like to point out that a wide range of our products are all made in England! Forklift Forks: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/forklift-forks.html Forklift Forks Fork Extensions: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/forklift-forks/extension-sleeves.html Fork Extension Sleeves Access Platforms: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/forklift-access-platforms.html Forklift Access Platform Forklift Hooks & Jibs: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/jibs-and-attachments/forklift-jibs.html Fork Mounted Hook Mobile Skips: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/skips/forklift-skips.html Mobile Tipping Skip Mobile Steps: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/mobile-steps.html Mobile Steps Snow Ploughs: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/forklift-snow-ploughs-gritters/forklift-snow-plough.html Snow Plough We prefer to buy British wherever suitable to give our customers the added reassurance that they are getting British quality made goods, this is a particularly import consideration for items like Forklift Access Platforms AKA Man Cages, where Safety is paramount. To make the most of this St George’s Day offer, browse our website here: www.liftruck.co.uk or contact us on 0800 458 8025

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