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Garden Turntable Trucks and Trollies

Garden Turntable Trucks and Trollies

It’s BBQ weather, the Sun’s out so get you Burgers and Buns out – firstly though is your garden looking presentable for the ultimate Barbeque?  Look no further than our Garden Turntable Trucks and Trollies … If it’s in need of a little TLC, and you need to dust off all those gardening tools, then allow us to give you some assistance – sorry we cannot do the gardening for you – but we have cut down the price on all of our Garden Turntable Trucks and Trollies.  A particularly popular item right now is our Tip-A-Truck (Model: TC2145): https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/trolleys/turntable-trucks/tip-a-truck.html Tip-A-Truck A brilliant item with large wheels enable a smooth ride over rough and uneven terrain and a unique tipping action that allows these trucks to easily tip when lifted making it easier to dispense the contents.  Garden Turntable Trucks and Trollies would be ideal for you. For more details on our entire range of Garden Turntable Trucks and Trollies, please see link here: https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/trolleys/turntable-trucks.html

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