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Manual Handling Equipment

Manual Handling Equipment

Manual Handling Equipment – Why Buy It? Investing in Manual Handling Equipment can not only help reduce workplace accidents and injuries to staff, both of which can be very costly to a business, but they also provide a relatively low cost solution to making you operation more efficient, as Manual Handling Equipment such as the humble pallet truck (like our ERGO2500 – https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/pallet-trucks-general-range/ergo-hand-pallet-truck.html#SID=61 ) can enable one employee to move the weight of many. Pallet Truck Scissor Tables – Both Static Lift Tables and Mobile Scissor Lift Tables ( see – https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/mobile-scissor-lift-tables.html ), along with High Lift Pallet Trucks (https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/pallet-trucks-high-lift.html ) can be used to elevate goods to a desired height and maintain that height whilst vital work is being done.  High Lift Pallet Trucks are also commonly used to keep goods at a quickly and comfortable accessible height for picking and packing on an assembly line, again helping to increase both productivity through greater efficiency and lower staff absences from back injuries. That’s not forgetting Manual Forklift Attachments, which being manual are arguably much more reliable and more universal than hydraulically powered attachments.  Manual Fork Lift Attachments can turn your forklift into the industrial equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife – Forklift Hooks and Forklift Jibs provide a crane like ability to lift good from above as opposed to on top of Forks (https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/jibs-and-attachments.html ); Forklift Access Platforms enable unexpected maintenance work to be done (https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/forklift-access-platforms.html ); Skips allow for the quick transfer of lose goods, assists with the disposal of waste items (https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/skips.html ); and then there’s the Forklift Brush / Broom – the quick and easy way to keep your site in a safer clean and tidy condition (https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/forklift-sweepers-and-brooms.html ).  All of these items can be quickly secured and removed from you Forklift Forks / Forklift Tines with ease (https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/forklift-forks.html ). Fork Mounted Hook So if you want to increase efficiency, productivity, site safety, staff well-being and moral, then invest in Manual Handling Equipment – at www.Liftruck-shop.co.uk we have a proud tradition of helping our customers do this for over 40 years. Whatever Manual Handling Solution you need – give us a call on Free Phone: 0800 458 8025.

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