Liftmart Electric Powered Stair Walker Accessories


stair walker with fork lift accessory fitted forklift accessory for Liftmart stair walker

Forklift Lift Option

Optional aluminum fork winch lift attachment (pictured far left fitted to the Liftmart stair walker and near left as delivered).  This has 360kg capacity and is fitted with 90mm casters for 4 wheel support and mobility.  The hand winch is equipped with an auto braking system which maintains the fork height, 450mm forks, adjustable width up to 475mm outside dimension, 1455mm lift height. 1778mm overall height.
Factory or field installation.


platform for forklift accessory

Fork Lift Platform

This accessory clips over the forks of the fork lift attachment to provide a convenient platform which is handy for supporting soft based loads like packages and cardboard.  Fit and remove in seconds. Weight 9kg size 500mm x 500mm.

tripod caster wheel accessory for stair walker

Tripod Caster Wheel Option

This is the most popular accessory purchased with the Liftmart stair walker.  It allows the load to be carried on four wheels instead of just two which takes the weight off the operator's arms during horizontal distance movements.  The tripod and casters simply extend out at the touch of the foot so the operator never needs to struggle to release it whilst under the load. Adds just 5kg to the weight.

all terrain wheel accessory for stair walker

All Terrain Wheel Option

This attachment installs in seconds.  Equipped with 10" x 4" full pneumatic tires.  Provides 4 wheel support and eases transport over rough surfaces like turf and gravel.  Also allows high loads like tall cabinets and vendors to pass through low doorways.

toe plate extender for stair walker

Toe Plate Extender

This attachment increases the size of the toe plate to 710mm x 300mm which is useful when carrying bulky items with soft bases like white goods still in cardboard delivery packaging.


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