Liftmart Electric Powered Stair Walker 

Massive 385kg carrying capacity for safe handling of heavy and awkward loads

♦Quicker deliveries with no damage to product or customer premises

♦ 1 man can often do the work of 2 or even 3

♦ No more back strain - the stair walker lifts the load - the operator just balances it

♦ Works on straight, curved, and spiral stairs, carpet, vinyl, marble etc

♦ Rubber glide belts protect stairs from damage

♦ Wide range of accessories for different loads

liftmart powered electric stair walker with load


The best value Stair Walker in UK

♦ Easy to use and quick to learn with it's gentle lifting action

♦ Powered by a sealed  rechargeable battery

♦ Mains charger included with the option of an in-vehicle charger 

♦ Electrical overload protection

♦ Light weight magnesium alloy welded construction

♦ Weighs just 45kg - less than half the weight of some competitors' models 

♦ Low running cost, cheap servicing and spare parts

♦ Operator training CD included with the option of  on-site certificated training at extra cost

carrying fridge up flight of steps

The Liftmart Stair Walker offers a unique combination of high capacity, light weight, ease of use and competitive price.   Now you really can afford to equip your vehicles with a top quality professional stair walker and gain the immediate benefits of quicker deliveries, happier, more productive drivers plus no damage to product or customer premises.    This means less problems and more profit.  Click below to see the advanced technical features and wide range of accessories which make life even easier, plus a video of the Liftmart stair walker in action.

climbing warehouse steps


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