stair climbing truck

Pharaohs Locksmiths

their Managing Director says

"Lectrotruck?  I don't know what we would do without it"

 see below how a 286kg safe is handled by just one man

and 4 safes each weighing 630kg are moved up and down stairs in just one morning


Pharaohs Locksmiths are a professional company with a hard earned and enviable reputation for quality and service. 

They believe in using the right equipment to install heavy safes in their customer's premises in complete safety.

Their vans carry a wide range of purpose designed lifting and transporting equipment.  

Their most versatile handling aid is the Lectrotruck model 6512E from the Lectrotruck range of moving systems.

Firstly safes are placed on to their Lectrotruck moving and stair climbing truck

Then heavy duty straps secure the safe

The powered wheels are then raised and the operator stands on the built in hook bar to easily "break back" the load.  

But see how the balanced machine is now at an inconveniently low angle.  

To improve this and get the Lectrotruck more upright and easier to manoevure in tight spaces and on stairs it is necessary to raise the centre of gravity of the loaded truck as shown below.

To do this the Lectrotruck is first lowered to the ground and the strap released so the safe can be slid upwards on the optional sliding "slip" plate.

Once slid upwards the optional balance box is placed between the safe and the Lectrotruck footplate and the safe secured again by the heavy duty straps.

Then the Lectrotruck is powered back up to it's new balance point.  

Note how moving the centre of gravity upwards allows the loaded Lectrotruck to balance at a much more convenient angle allowing the safe to be transported comfortably on level surfaces, up kerbs and up stairs.

Note also that at all times Lectrotruck is perfectly balanced and does not require the continuous effort of an operator to balance it.

This reduces operator fatigue and back strain.


The operator then positions the loaded Lectrotruck immediately behind the vehicle and raises the wheels to it's floor height.

The Lectrotruck drop down hook bar is attached to the optional hook box built into the vehicle floor and secured

The operator then presses a button to electrically lift both the Lectrotruck and the safe into the vehicle with no physical effort at all.

Just imagine loading up to 680kg with no effort!

At the final destination Lectrotruck is unloaded just as easily and if there is a distance to travel to the installation point the all terrain wheel attachment can be fitted in seconds to cope with soft surfaces, gravel, lawns etc.



And here are more pictures of Pharaohs Locksmiths handling 630kg safes.
Using their mighty Lectrotruck 6512E they moved 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs in just one morning.

Pharaohs Locksmiths M.D. said 

"Some new photos of the boys getting the best out of the mighty Lectrotruck.

  Safes were approx,  630kgs it was fun, but we knew the mighty Lectrotruck and our steely nerve would manage it !!"


Lectrotruck Safe relocation.jpg (32497 bytes)  




Lectrotruck Safe relocate 2.jpg (145957 bytes)


Lectrotruck relocation safe.jpg (35022 bytes)


Our grateful thanks to Pharaohs Locksmiths' M.D. for sending us these pictures and for his enthusiasm for his Lectrotruck which he has now used for over 3 years. He says

"I don't know what we would do without it"

see their website at


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