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Lectro Truck Customers Say It Best!


"I don't know what we would do without it"

That's what Pharaohs Locksmiths of Scotland say about their Lectrotruck. See how they use the model 6512E to load and unload their vehicle and handle heavy loads safely.

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"The Model 68 Lectro Truck makes it possible for each of our route trucks to do double duty as cooler delivery vehicles. We expect to save enough money on Workman's Comp claims alone to pay for the unit in one year."
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Jamestown, ND

"We move office files and 55 gallon drums up and down stairs, and on and off trucks. Our men are never under the loads and straining. Worries about back injuries and hernias and smashed fingers are virtually ended. Also moved an 1100 pound Clark floor machine, a Steinway upright piano, etc."
High School
Nikes Township, IL

"This is the answer for old 1000 pound cast iron boilers and new ones 450-900 pounds"
Pittsfield, MA

"Our delivery costs were $60,000.00. After purchase of Lectro Truck our delivery costs were $3,000.00."
Office Equipment Dealer
Buffalo, NY


"The first job we used Lectro Truck, we had fourteen 1000 pound tanks to bring to the job site, up 14 stairs, and over 1000 feet throughout a power plant and to the final locations. We are extremely pleased. Lectro Truck paid for itself in that one job."
Fire Systems, Inc.
Hawthorne, NY

"Its been real good for fireproof files, (700 to 1000 pounds). It used to take four men with a regular 2-wheel dolly. Lectro Truck also moves large desks and credenzas."
The Baker Co.
Lubbuck, TX

"Real good luck with it -- everyday we have moves of 500 to 1500 pounds. It's great for moving full vending machines around the nearby camp as (military) companies are transferred. I have been stopped on the highway by others interested in Lectro Truck."
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.
Salina, KS

"We are extremely happy with Model 68 Lectro Truck and would recommend it to anyone. Usually, one man using it moves fire files, drums of oil, compressors, and other heavy equipment up and down stairs in our facilities."
Hughes Aircraft Co.
Fullerton, CA


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