powered stair climbing hand trucks     



Click on the pictures below to see the videos on YouTube.  


Watch a Short Video of the Lectro Truck Stairclimber Here!

Watch a Full Demo Video of the Lectro Truck Stairclimber Here!


lectrotruck lifting heavy cabinet up steps

Click on the picture to see Lectrotruck handling a wide variety of heavy loads



lectrotruck on the job moving different loads

lectrotruck handling vending machines

On the job moving loads


Vending machine deliveries


lectrotruck loading a heavy load on to a pick up truck

lectrotruck stair climbing truck delivering safe

Loading and unloading vehicles


One man delivering a 500kg safe


lectrotruck accessories

lectrotruck construction features

Lectrotruck accessories


Lectrotruck construction and features


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The videos above can be seen also on the public YouTube video website www.youtube.com

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