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All-Terrain Wheel Attachment     Back to Top
Large 16" high x 6" wide pneumatic, all-terrain wheels enable the Lectro Truck to easily move the
heaviest of loads over lawns, sandy or rocky terrain. No tools are needed to attach the all-terrain
wheels on or off. When attached, the Lectro Truck is converted into a four wheel all-terrain dolly.



Concave Attachment    Back to Top
Our concave shaped strap bar attachment provides a snug fit to safely secure and protect cylindrical
shaped loads such as barrels, water heaters, and tanks. The concave attachment is as easy to attach
as the strap bars and it is fully height and load adjustable.

Concave Attachment in use.


Tripod (A)     Back to Top
The tripod is used in conjunction with the leverage/hook bar and quickly snaps on/off the back of
the Lectro Truck. The attachment of the tripod converts the Lectro Truck into a four-wheel dolly
and is available in standard and heavy-duty models.

Tripod (A) and HookBar (B)  
Attachments in use.


 Standard- Heavy Duty

-The tripod accessory is available for steel models only

-The built-in tripod is standard equipment on the aluminum 6512E

-The tripod accessory is not available on the 5512E


Leverage/Hook Bar (B)     Back to Top
The leverage/hook bar is stored in the outer frame of the Lectro Truck. It provides safe and secure
lifting and lowering from vehicles and added leverage when breaking back heavy loads.

Tripod (A) and HookBar (B) Attachments in use.


-The leverage/hook bar accessory is available on the 5512E only

-The leverage/hook bar is standard equipment on the models: 1260E, 1268E, 6512E

-Not available on 4512


Balance Box Kit     Back to Top
The Balance Box Kit provides the Lectro Truck operator a way to raise short, heavy loads to the
center of the unit for better balancing and easier handling. Our Balance Box is made of aluminum
and supports loads weighing up to 1500 pounds

Balance Box
Attachment in use.


6 Amp Charger    Back to Top
Our battery charger comes with an adapting plug specifically for charging your unit through the motor
or battery box. If you have different models of the Lectro Truck, you can specify having the alligator clips
so you can use it to charge any model.



Toe Plate Adapter    Back to Top
The Toe Plate Adapter comes in standard sizes - 12" x 24", 12" x 30" or can also be specially ordered
to best fit the load being moved. The toe plate adapter is bolted onto the existing toe plate and is used
when moving larger loads.


Hook Box    Back to Top
The steel Hook Box, with its collapsible hook, mounts inside the truck bed to assist in securing loads on
and off the truck by simply locking the Lectro Truck's leverage/ hook bar into the hook box.

When lifting heavy loads on or off the back of a truck or trailer, to secure the load you lock the leverage/hook
bar into the hook box and take your load up or down.



Caster Attachment    Back to Top
This flat extending platform, with rotating caster wheels, attaches to the Lectro Truck's toe plate allowing
easier maneuvering of loads in a vertical position. Available in Standard and Heavy-Duty models.

Standard Caster

Heavy Duty Caster

-4_1" x 1 1/2" caster wheels

-6--2" x 3" caster wheels

-12 gauge steel

-10 gauge steel

-contracted dimensions
18" x 22" x 3"

-contracted dimensions
27 1/2" x 27 1/2" x 4 1/2"

-extended dimensions
18" x 32" x 3"

-extended dimensions
27 1/2" x 37 1/2" x 4 1/2"

-weight 23 lbs.

-weight 98 lbs..


Portable Power Pack    Back to Top
The Portable Power Pack is made out of aluminum and is available on the 4512E, 5512E and 6512E. The
Portable Power Pack is easy to attach and remove from the units, just open two side clips, unplug the plug
from the pack and pull it out. It is also convenient when your on the road and need to charge your battery, just
take the portable power pack off of the unit and hook it up to the charger.

*Replacement batteries and aluminum power pack battery cases are also available.

Portable Power Pack being
removed from Lectro Truck unit.


Lectro Stacker   Back to Top
The Lectro-Stack can act as an attachment to the Lectro-Truck so that you can climb stairs and
position loads and balance the weight properly. It also helps by not having to detach the Lectro-Stack
to do an installation. The Lectro-Stack can act independently of the Lectro-Truck as a warehouse
stacker while you have the Lectro-Truck out on an installation job. It also has the lift height to be able
to unload semi flat-bed trailer if needed.


Stacker on unit  Stacker raised 2' Stacker raised 4'

Other Available Accessories Include:     Back to Top

Lectro Truck Lubricant--An advanced, teflon-based lubricant, recommended for use on the Lectro Truck drive screw.
Lectro Truck Training Video--Outlines proper use and specialized applications.
Replacement Lectro Truck Owner's Manual--

Spring-Loaded Strap Bar--attaches and detaches with just a twist!
Replacement Straps--Nylon replacement straps available in 12' or 19' lengths.
LT Battery--12-volt replacement battery.


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